Digital projectors have been so useful and in demand today in the world of high technology. These projectors protects digital image data directly onto a screen through the use of a lens system. Without a digital projector today, then presentations and seminars seem to be a waste of time and effort. Presentations and reports are made to be very nice, interesting, as well as it can be more digestible and comprehensive to the viewers if usOoed with digital projectors. Digital projectors have been clearly changing for the better throughout the evolution of time. Constant improvement and newer versions of this kind have been making its way to the market. Today, there are about four technologies used in order to make a digital projector:

LCD projectors that use LCD light gates High intensity CRT Eidophor oil-film projectors Texas Instruments' DLP Technology

With any major business transactions, knowing what to expect is important prior to choosing just any projector. In this article, we will guide you through the technology that is on the market today since there are disadvantages and advantages on the several types of projectors, we will help you know which projector is more suited for your budget and your business too.

In purchasing a digital projector, you must know some of the parameters in buying your own projector and this will surely help you in deciding what to buy best:

Resolution Probably a major factor to look into in buying a projector is the resolution it can accommodate directly from the computer. It is already great if a projector has a resolution of about 1280x1024 or more. The higher the resolution then the better is the color quality.

Brightness Rating It always follow that a brighter rating of a projector would mean a brighter projection it can give to the viewer. Basically those home theater models possess a brightness rating lesser of lower than office models of projectors. You have to know the room size, light intensity, screen size and distance which will be the basis and these are the ones to determine the lumen rating that would fit your preference. Basically digital projectors have brightness ratings ranging from as low as 700 Lumen to as high as 15,000 lumen at present and you can find all these in the market today. Before trying to buy a digital projector, make sure that you are already decided as to how bright you would want your projector to be. It is better to choose the one with a higher intensity projector rather than settling to a lower quality of brightness.

Distance Between the Equipment and the Screen It is also crucial to look on to the maximum permissible distance of the screen on which the projector can produce image without suffering on color or resolution once you decide to have a projector of your own. A farther and greater throw distance, that is ,the distance of the projector to the screen, would mean a more size of the image being projected. Just like the lumen ratings we had discussed, the throw distance must be higher if you are dealing with office models compared to those home model projectors. Technology made it easier for us since most projectors today have satisfying throw distances compared before. Home theaters can already have this benefit.

Bernelli Projectors HD 6K Review

Bernelli Projectors Review

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Bernelli Projectors HD 6K Review: Bernelli Projectors HD 6K